My name is Marcin Polaczyk. My home city is Poznan in Poland.


I’ve created that blog because knowledge is volatile. My plan is to share articles about problems that I’ve solved, useful cheatsheets and more. I don’t feel like an expert, and I’m not an expert, in any of topics presented. There are too many things that interest me to become an expert in the specific one. The best fun is when you try
different technologies and approaches…

Game Developer career

Dark Stork Studios


My game developer career strarted in Q1 2014, when I decided to join Dark Stork Studios as C++ Game Developer. The company was just starting, so after few months I became also a Team Leader. I worked here for 20 months. This time learned me a lot, my responsibilities were as follows:

  • Development of core gameplay systems and AI features
  • Modules and plugins development – UE4 build system
  • Middleware source code integrations
  • Scrum Master role – requirement analysis and sprint planning
  • Code reviews

I also had some extra experiences like an oportunity to prepare a few lectures for CDV university or designing and implementing Jira workflow for all departments (ConceptArt, 3D Characters, 3D Enviro, Animation, Game Design, Level Design, Sound Design and Tech). Unfortunately, company was closed in Q3 2015 due to financial difficulties of main investor. Non Disclosure Agreement still disallows me to present effects of my work nor share game details.

Humming Woods

I was also a co-founder of Humming Woods game studio. Our plan was to create simple games that would allow parents to spend valuable time with their kids. Games were set up in the world of Tappi the viking – setting created by famous Polish fantasy writer Marcin Mortka.

UE4 Dev

Currently I work as freelance C++ developer. You can find my profile on LinkedIn, AnswerHub or GitHub. You can also mail me with the following contact form: