Professional work

Q1 2016 – Meadow Flyer Free, Meadow Flyer

Badi-Games_Cover-photo_Meadow-Flyer_before_premiere UE4 @ iOS – Mobile app for youngest kids, based on Agi Bagi TV series. Created as a part of B2B contract with IP owner Badi Badi company. Game is available in two variants: Free with one map and Paid with three maps and videos.
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Q4 2013 – Q2 2015 – Undisclosed AAA project

UE4 @ Windows – Multiplayer based game. Project canceled due to company financial problems.

Indie projects

Q2 2016 – VRDisco

UE4 @ Windows (Leap Motion, DK2) – Music game created in 48 hours during VRJam2016. Player participates in virtual disco, his goal is to do hand gestures as presented on the screen. Leap Motion controller measures your progress. The fastest you do it, the higher you score.

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Q4 2015 – Tappi Runner

flyer_a5_tappi_prev_cut UE4 @ Android&Windows – Runner game set in the world of Tappi The Viking. Demo project created for Humming Woods startup. The main idea behind this project was to present beautiful art style in form of one playable level with well known game design.
Landing Page, Download

Q1 2015 – Evil Tom

Lua @ Windows&Linux – Local 2D co-op adventure game created in 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2015. Hybrid game, collect all gold coins from the map. But, be careful you you may be cursed when Evil Tom catch you. Curses work in real life!
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Unreal Engine 4 Contributions

Q2 2016 – Compile Shaders Manually

This engine modification allows to queue shaders for some time and then build all of them when developer wants to.
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Q2 2014 – Visual Studio Snippets

Huge snippets package useful at the beginning of adventure with Unreal Engine C++ coding. VS snippets can save a lot of time memorizing UHT definitions of: functions, events, delegates and many others.
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Q3 2014 – Voice Synthesizer

This software can save your voice for your descendents just in a few minutes. Contains two parts:
Python @ PC – Recording script, read letters from the screen to create voice database.
C++ @ Raspberry Pi – Synthesize and play any sentence using your voice database.
Source, Blog post (TODO), Video (TODO)

Q4 2013 – Balancer

C++ @ Raspberry Pi – Firmware of two wheels balancing robot. It supports accelerometer and gyro for position calculation, joystick for control and two DC engines for movement:

  • Gyroscope L3GD20 (I2C)
  • Accelerometer LSM303DLHC (I2C)
  • PWM Multiplexer PCA9685 (I2C)
  • Joystick (USB)

Construction and whole electrical design was made by me. Unfortunately, project is on hold due to financial difficulties.
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Q2 2013 – Joystick Test

C# Mono @ Raspberry Pi – jstest debian application clone, allows to test USB joystick.
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Q3 2013 – L3GD20 Gyroscope Library

Python @ Raspberry Pi – L3GD20 is a 3 axis gyroscope module. This library uses I2C for communication and supports all features from datasheet.
Source, Blog post, Datasheet