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SQL Server Database Versioning

This topic is strongly related to process of your product development. Developers have tendency to modify dev database and forget about changes they’ve made… This awful manner leads to problems like: We have to use RedGate tools to compare databases and find the differences… How to install our software to client ? Just generate scripts from one of our existing databases… Which version of database our client have ? Nobody knows… Those examples were not …

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T-SQL Reusability

In this article, I want to share my thoughts about writing SQL scripts. Those experiences are taken from about 3 years of developing and deploying .NET applications, that store their data in MS SQL Server. This article is divided into three parts: Definition – Definition of “SQL Reusability”. Schema Reusability – Examples of how to change database schema in a good way. Data Reusability – Examples of how to change data in a good way. …

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